About The Journal

In view of the modern educational paradigm’s indispensable quest for research and novelty in English Language & Literature, DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar—a premier professional Institution of the northern India—under the proficient guidance and filliped by the magnanimous blessings of its patrons and members of the Governing Body, is proud to churn out from its repertoire of educational excellence the journal The Literati: A Peer Reviewed Journal Devoted to English Language & Literature, to take its commitment towards the scholastic brilliance to a whole new level.

The Literati is a scholarly journal of English Language & Literature with a wide range of research interests. Emphasis is on interpretive evaluation and fresh readings(s) of texts vis-à-vis the potent frameworks of the contemporary critical theory and allied instrumentalities thereof. In this sense, the journal is a promising player in the promotion of quality research in the said domains. The journal has been conceptualized to pander to the needs of standard and authentic research and thus provide a compelling platform to the distinguished and budding scholars for exhibiting their research aptitude. In addition, the journal is also committed to take up the issues of significance in the realm of language studies, applied linguistics and ELT. It is in this wider context that the journal has proved is proving to be a touchstone of academic excellence in various denominations cutting across all literary circles.

As a policy, the Institute prefers to publish the subscribers of the journal. The subscription form is available at this link.

Contact the Editor

  • Dr. Narinder K. Sharma

    Assistant Professor of English

  • DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar (Pb.)

  • [email protected]