The Department of skill Development DAVIET in association with department of hotel management proudly presents live cooking classes under the program “SAKSHAM* ”

The other details of this program are as follows:
👉🏼free of cost
👉🏼any body can participate
👉🏼Starting from 21/December,2020 from 3:00 pm everyday.

Benefits ✌️
1.This program helps you to upgrade your skills and knowledge of diffrent types national and international cuisines or dishes.

2.You will be able to operate your own Food business as its result.

3.Housewives will easily
Cook restaurant style food.

4.This will be live on our Facebook page called ” hotelmanagementdaviet”

5.Registration is free and open for everyone …so here is thw link.

Register yourself as soon as possible.
Outcomes will only depends on the learner….so, we hope that you all will learn as much as you can and observe the things properly so you will implement it at any valuable platform.