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Applied Sciences

                    “The Science Of Today Is The Technology Of Tomorrow                                                                                                                 —Edward Teller

The Department of Applied Sciences was established in the year 2001 with the aim of providing a sound theoretical base to the upcoming engineers in the field of basic sciences so that they should be in a position to analyse and tackle tough situations in their professional lives successfully. The Department is located in Knowledge Centre of the institute and deals in the domains of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communication Skills. An inherent quest to excel coupled with the determination to break newer grounds in the field of Science and Engineering are the cornerstones of success in the Department. During their stay in the Department, the students are provided a sound theoretical knowledge base along with hands on practical training. Along with this, the students are motivated to imbibe the qualities of adaptability and flexibility to suit the ever changing world order. The highly qualified, determined and trained faculty of the Department involves the students in various projects, which keeps them abreast of the latest in their respective fields. The Department strives to transform the budding technocrats into new age engineers who are competent to handle any challenge that life is going to throw at them.

In addition to the scientific and technical knowledge, efforts are made to make the students responsible and conscientious citizens of the nation.  Through class room teaching and personal interactions students are made aware of the diverse issues affecting man and society.  The teaching methods followed by the department emphasise the discursive mode and interpersonal contact between faculty and students. Such a healthy interaction makes students learn at a faster pace and at the same time makes them more confident to express themselves in a wide variety of situations and on diverse platforms.

In the Chemistry and Physics Lab of the Department, students are equipped with the practical knowledge about the aspects of Science which act as a base on which they create the edifice of their professional lives. We believe that “money and skills no longer know borders” and so we train students for varied situations in the Language Laboratory.

In the Department, no stone is left unturned to create an intellectual environment which should motivate the students and the teachers alike to pursue studies with a renewed zeal and enthusiasm. The Department boasts of faculty which is not only highly qualified and committed to academic activities but also involved in research for their personal growth and development. Six faculty members of the Department have the degree of Ph.D to their credit while nine others are pursuing Ph.D.  Many of the faculty members have presented their papers in national and international conferences while others have various publications to their credit. Clearly such a competent faculty is ideally suited to inspire and enable the students to handle the complex challenges that lie at the interfaces of science, technology, and society.


In modern age there has been proliferation of information and a veritable explosion of knowledge in diverse fields of human endeavour. That is why there is an urgent need to determine which information we need, from where to obtain it and how to select, evaluate and utilize it. In order to meet this need, in addition to the main library, a Departmental Library has also been set up which has books covering diverse areas. Since it is an interdisciplinary department, the faculty members who are involved in continuous research activities need access to books related to their respective areas. With the access to this latest knowledge they can enhance their own skills, can guide the students well and can shape them into successful professionals. The goal of having such a library is not simply to broaden the knowledge base of science education, research and practice but also to build an integrated enterprise that will persist and be valuable to learners and teachers of all ages.

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