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ALFAAZ (The Literary Club of DAVIET)

Alfaaz  is a collection of proud hardworking book worms and shy writers who believe that a pen is indeed mightier than a sword. With big dreams and bigger vocabulary, all the hidden writers and orators have decided to bring their skills finally in the limelight. Therefore ALFAAZ is a dreamland of good literature and poetry which acts under the supervision of ALFAAZ In charge, Mr. P. S. Mann.


Student learning in these days is often rote and do little to encourage original thinking. Along with academics, students should participate in activities like public speaking and creative writing to enhance their skills and develop their personality. Students are lacking confidence due to lack of participation in group discussions and the feeling of inferiority among them due to less or no mass contact.

Through participation in these gatherings, students will be able to enter a world wholly different from the curriculum typical of era.


  • Public Speaking :

Of the many activities of the ALFAAZ, the most significant are related to the Public Speaking.

It is regarded everywhere as part of social experience.

Participation in oratory and debate enables students to develop this “wizardry”, a skill especially important for students planning to enter law, politics, or teaching.

Public Speaking in ALFAAZ is divided into following activities:

  1. Debate
  2. Elocution
  3. Poem Recitation
  • Creative Writing:

The other activities of ALFAAZ include the opportunity to enhance writing skills. This improves the thinking skills of the students.

Creative Writing in ALFAAZ is divided into following activities:

  1. Story Writing
  2. Essay Writing
  3. Poem Writing

Other Activities:

Apart from enhancing speaking and writing skills, ALFAAZ also focuses upon improving logical reasoning, and also gives a chance to beginners.

Other activities include:

  1. Rap writing and recitation
  2. Nanotales writing
  3. Slogan writing


  1. Supreet Kaur ECE
  2. Rajat Sharma ECE
  3. Vividha Mehra ECE
  4. Sneha Upadhyay ECE
  5. Abhishek Chaddha CSE
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ARTESO-Canvass of imagination



VIVEK KUMAR IT (4th sem)


ARTESO is the fine arts, poetry and prose writing club of the college. The club was founded by the students of the college, namely Miss Tammana Chanana(IT), Mr. Karanjit Singh(CSE), Mr. Chetan Goyal(CE) and Mr. Maninder Singh (ECE) under the supreme guidance of Dr. Sanjeev Naval (HOD CIVIL) in the year 2014. The present faculty head of the club is Mrs. Megha Munjal Sharma (Head, cultural affairs).

The primary aim of the club is to bring the talent of backstage art infront of the audience and help the members achieve co-curricular success. The main areas of specialization in fine arts of the club include:-digital designing (poster, graphics, logo), painting, sketching, clay modelling, calligraphy, rangoli etc. The club also has a bunch of writers for poetry and prose writing.

ARTESO organizes an annual Art gallery during the national level techfest of the college, makes/designs the logos and posters for the college events, organizes various events, and undertakes designing and decorations of some major events of the college.


Apart from these, the members of ARTESO  participate in the zonal, interzonal and inter-university youth fest and won the overall Art trophies at both, zonal and interzonal level.

The club also recently performed Sand Art during the fresher’s party and the techfest, first of its kind in ART Club of Institute.

The members of the ARTESO are a bunch of self driven, passionate and creative minds which aim to provide to the college with their talents a new height and step higher.

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ASHWA (The Western Dance Group)

Core Members

  1. Harleen Kaur(CE)
  2. Rahul Konwar(ECE)
  3. Rohit Konwar(ME)
  4. Mansi Dua(ECE)
  5. Saksham Kapahi(EE)
  6. Abhinav Pathak(CSE)

2017-06-07-photo-00000136Passion, perseverance and hard-work defines what dancing together means. Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance. Ashwa is a platform to bring out all the students who have a passion for dance and enabling them to showcase their moves. The group works under the guidance of cultural officer of the institute.

In the current scenario students are required to be equally good in academics as well as inter-personal skills. Therefore ever-since its inception qualities like hard-work, innovation, selflessness and responsibility have been an important part of the core values of the group. Being a member of the group will enhance your confidence and teach you how to face the crowd. All these feelings like team spirit, leadership, enthusiasm etc are experienced on daily basis. Every semester the auditions are held in the institute for the membership of the club. Therefore all those with a knack of dancing are welcome whole heartedly to be a part of this fraternity.

“We dance for laughter,

We dance for tears,

We dance for madness,

We dance for fears,

We dance for hopes,

We dance for screams,

We are the dancers- we create the dreams.”



The group actively participates in various institutes level events. Along with this we also represent DAVIET at various inter-college competitions.


  • 1st in Chance pe Dance, DAVIET Jalandhar
  • 1st in NOVATO 2k17, GNDU Jalandhar
  • 2nd in UTKANSH 2k17 ,NIT Jalandhar
  • 2nd in UTKANSH 2k16 ,NIT Jalandhar
  • 2nd in UTKANSH 2k14 ,NIT Jalandhar



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Sharndeep Kaur, a talented student of DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology from B.Tech (IT) first year and a student member of ClickEr, the photography club of DAVIET participated in online Greenstorm Pictale and photography competition 2017 and bagged the 2nd position. It is an annual photography competition where many enthusiasts participate to get their master works recognized. Greenstorm Pictale Challenge 2017 received an overwhelming response with more than 3000 entries, all of which were interesting captures of wonderful moments of man’s innate connection with nature. A set of 30 spectacular entries were chosen by a jury of eminent photographers, Mr. Rajan Paul, Mr. K R Sunil and Ms. Seema Suresh.
 Sharndeep Kaur won a cash prize of Rs 15000/-. She attributed her success to guidance and support of ClickEr club. She also thanked the principal Dr. Manoj Kumar for his ever available support and guidance.
The Principal, Dr. Sanjeev Naval expressed his immense pride and said that DAVIET is always committed to help its students, excel in every aspect. He specially congratulated Sharandeep Kaur and her family on her success. He referred her as an epitome of girl power in today’s world and said “Give a girl, the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.
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Pragyan or “The Wisdom”, is about two indispensable qualities; first, the intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmering of the inner light which leads to truth. The second one is about courage to follow the faint light wherever it may lead.

True to its name, Pragyan- The Quiz Club of DAVIET, is instrumental in guiding students on the path of knowledge. Team Pragyan, comprising of students who have knack for quizzing, has been representing DAVIET in various Inter-University quizzes. Mr. P S Maan, Assistant Professor –IT is the founder convener of this club and Quiz Trainer from last one decade, and putting his best endeavour in  spotting the best talent that Team Pragyan is undefeated winner of PTU Youth Fest Quiz Competitions from past many years.

Pragyan Core Team Members:

  1. Convener & Campus Quiz Trainer – “Pragyan”
  2. Arjun Sehajpal    ECE 3A
  3. Clarence Bhatti   ECE 3A