Eons of civilization may pass
the fond remembrances of our alumni will always last.

One of the strongest bonds that have survived over the years is the bond of friendship which develops during our college life. Over the years DAVIET has established a strong Alumni network. Our Alumna and Alumnus dream big and gave their heart and soul to the cause of converting those dreams into reality. Alumni association acts as a binding force to further strengthen the visualization as well as the realization of the vision and mission of the institute by playing effective roles as the part of DAVIET family.

When it comes to sharing ,we love to share our strengths, weaknesses , limitations, positives as well as the future opportunities and what better medium can be there than frequent meetings and reunions. These encourage exchange of ideas, information, attitudes, knowledge between the Alumni and the alma mater thus creating everlasting edifice of belongingness.

The alumni association is created to effectively use the experience and knowledge of our alumni so that they may pass on their potential and capabilities as legacy to their juniors and institution by being the role models and carriers of the value system of DAVIET. This association is headed by Alumni board of directors, hierarchically supported by the executive committee and the student ambassadors.

The social, intellectual ambassadors of DAVIET are the foundational stones of this association and we invite all such bearers of the flag of the institution to strengthen this association.


To perpetuate the tradition of quality, holistic excellence as an umbrella organisation to amalgamate Alumnus with the Alma Mater.


Apart from enhancing technical and academic collaboration, alumni association aims at fostering intellectual and emotional fellowship to further strengthen the fidelity, positive goodwill and interaction with Alma mater with the zeal to help the institution for being the Center of Excellence.

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