SC / ST Committee


SC/ST committee has been constituted for the students in the institute to promote the special interests of students in the reserved category, aware them regarding various scholarship schemes and to resolve their problems.


  • To create an environment where all communities can participate in all academic and non-academic activities without any sort of discrimination with respect to caste.
  • To organize interactive meetings with students to address their personal, social and academic problems.
  • ┬áTo ensure that anti-discrimination laws related to caste and religion are followed.
  • To monitor the proper implementation of reservation policy in the institution.


  • Committee regularly inform the students regarding various Government and Non-Government scholarship schemes.
  • Committee often organizes meetings to sort the problems of SC/ST students and motivate them for better future planning.
  • Committee helps the students to overcome inferiority complex, participate more to have better personal grooming.

SC/ST Committee

  1. Shivani Mehta (Assistant Professor, EE)
  2. Sunil Kumar Sachdeva (Assistant Professor, Applied Sciences)
  3. Love Kumar (Assistant Professor, ECE)
  4. Hari Singh (Assistant Professor, ECE)
  5. Ashish Malhotra (Assistant Professor, ECE)
  6. Sushil Kumar (Jr. Asstt. Accounts)