Disability Resource Centre

To facilitate quality higher education to students with disabilities on equal basis with others, a ‘disability resource centre’ with the following members of the faculty/staff has been set-up in the Institute vide office order no. DAVIET: 2017-18/4233 dated: 27/05/2017:-

  1. Dr. Ashok Kumar : Assoc. Prof., Applied Sciences
  2. Dr. Sanjiv Saini : Asstt. Prof. (W/shop Supdt.) & COE
  3. Dr. P.S. Mann : Asstt. Prof. (IT) & NSS Officer
  4. Ms Avani Bhatia : Asstt. Prof. (IT) & Website Coordinator
  5. Ms.Sonia Chutani : Asstt. Prof. (CE)
  6. Mr. Savdeep Vasudeva : Asstt. Prof. (MBA) & Timetable In-charge
  7. Mr. Viney Kumar : Estate Officer
  8. Dr. Harmanpreet Singh : Librarian

This centre facilitates the students who fall under different categories of disabilities (listed below) so that they may cope up their academic learning with normal students:-

  1. The students with learning difficulty (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Disgraphia)
  2. The students with mental health difficulty (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc.)
  3. The students with hearing impairment
  4. The students with visual impairment
  5. The students with physical impairment (mobility, manual dexterity, speech difficulty)


The following services are being provided in this centre:-

Database: The center maintains data regarding disabilities of students.

Advisory service: The centre considers the requirement of students.
It suggests them to use Institute’s facilities to get accessibility. It keeps all concerned informed about the issues to make them understand difficulties that need to be addressed well in time to avoid any crisis situations.

Training: The centre conducts workshops for instructors and student mentors (academic assistants) to create awareness about various disabilities and ways to handle the same.

Documentation: The centre creates documents to make the students aware of the facilities available for such students.