Ragging is a Crime¬† –¬† Punishable by Law

  • Ragging in any form is banned.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence as per Supreme Court ruling FIR shall be registered against the student(s) indulging in this crime.
  • Under the anti-ragging laws, student offenders can be fined up to Rs. 2,50,000 and rusticated from the Institute if found guilty of ragging. The offence will be treated as a severe criminal act.
  • The student and parents are required to furnish an affidavit as per format given in Annexure-I, Part I and Annexure-I, Part II respectively at the time of admission regarding the ragging guidelines.
  • A national call centre is being setup to enable ragging victims to register their complaints by dialing a toll free number. The helpline will be equipped with software that will pass on the complaints directly to the head of the institution with 15 minutes to help the administration protect the victims.
* Supreme Court Notification regarding Ragging * Affidavit undersigned by both Students as well as Parents[/vc_wp_text]

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