National Cadet Corps (NCC)

DAVIET has Senior Division (SD)/Senior Wing (SW) NCC Army Wing

  • 01 SD/SW Platoon  affiliated with 2 Punjab Battalion NCC ,Jalandhar

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a youth development movement. It has enormous potential for nation building. The NCC provides opportunities to the youth of the country for their all-round development with a sense of Duty, Commitment, Dedication, Discipline and Moral Values so that they become able leaders and useful citizens. The NCC provides exposure to the cadets in a wide range of activities, with a distinct emphasis on Social Services, Discipline and Adventure Training. The NCC is open to all regular students of schools and colleges on a voluntary basis. The students have no liability for active military service.

DAVIET is home to 02 Punjab Battalion NCC Jalandhar ARMY WING which was established on 15th December, 2021 .


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