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Core Block

This block caters to the requirements of Applied Sciences & Information Technology Departments. It houses well equipped labs of Electronics & Communication Engg., Electrical Engg., Computer Centre and Computer Labs of the Institute.

Research & Development Block


R & D Block houses state-of-art advanced research laboratories on Light Wave Technology, Robotics and Nano Technology. Apart from this, Principal’s Office, Administrative & Accounts Offices, Class Room, e-Lecture Theaters & Electronics Labs are also a part of this building.

Under Graduate Block


This block is constructed keeping in view the importance of e-education in today’s scenario of technical education. This block encompasses 3 specialized computer labs, 12 e-classrooms each equipped with high resolution LCD projectors and sound systems, drawing halls, tutorial rooms and well furnished departmental offices.

Post Graduate Block



The Post Graduate house a mini auditorium namely Convention Hall in addition to class rooms & offices. This block caters to the requirements of our PG students besides offices, and laboratories of Mechanical & Civil Engineering.

Material Science Block

infra3Material Science Block comprises of well-equipped manufacturing practice workshops for carpentry, fitting, welding, machine tools, foundry, laboratories of mechanical and civil engineering department. Main attraction in Material science block is the lab of Metrology & Mechanical Measurement set up in collaboration with world leader Mitutoyo Corporation of Japan.



A world class structure by the name of ‘Knowledge Centre’, the first of its own kind in India, has been constructed to cater to the requirements like Central Library, Bank, ATM etc.




infra8In order to serve purpose of drama. dance and other music & cultural activities our campus house a Centrally Air Conditioned two-tier Lala Chanchal Dass DAVIET Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1200. This theater is equipped with modern sound system, which is capable of being reconfigured to suit different needs. We also have standard, boom, wideangle microphones, floor mics and hi-fidelity mics. Wireless mics are used for question & answer sessions. The stage has a modern lighting system. The auditorium cum multipurpose hall also provides indoor facilities for badminton and table tennis to the students.


infra7Convention Hall is located in the PG block, fully equipped with all kinds of audio and visual aids which makes learning more effective. Seminars/Expert Talks/ Small Functions are conducted by the staff and the students of all the departments. Besides, experts from leading industries and corporate house deliver their expert talk that enables the students to have an exposure of the industrial environment.

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