Student Induction Program – 2019

Student Induction Program-2019

SIP Newsletter -2019

Student Induction Program for the new entrants in B. Tech. First year was organized by the department of Applied Sciences from 15 July to 3 August, 2019. The Induction Program aimed at providing the students the necessary information and the exposure to perform well during their stay in the college. During the program, students were provided information regarding Research Opportunities,  Academic Initiatives, Job Scenarios and the required skills set, Community Services Initiatives, Entrepreneurship Cell, Sports and Culture Activities. The special focus of the Student Induction Program was to inculcate the qualities of team spirit and universal human values by encouraging students to introspect and discuss their views in special interactive sessions. To help the students know their purpose in life and remain motivated to achieve their goals special motivational sessions with industry academia leaders were organized. The prominent among them were Mr. Sarvesh Kaushal, Former Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab who spoke on the topic “Ethnocentric Behavior and Internalization Challenges”.

In his address he highlighted the need not to judge others on the basis of race or culture. He shared that every culture has a different language and sets of customs and rituals which are sacrosanct to the individuals. They should not become the basis of negative image generation. He highlighted the reasons of racial prejudices and stated that it is narrow bent of mind which is at the root cause of the problems. Further, he shared that ethnocentric behavior affects our world view about nationalism and patriotism. He stressed that nationalism is fine upto  an extent but when it becomes dangerous for others, it has to be stopped. He touched upon the fact that quality education alone can help us stop thinking on ethnocentric lines. The second most impressive lecture was by Dr. G. S. Randhawa, Professor (Retired) Biotechnology from IIT, Roorkee in which he explained the new entrants the way of being successful in academic life with his own life experiences. He performed practical activities with students to teach them and to make them understand. The next prominent personality was Mr. Abhishek Mehra, President, Yuva Bharat, Jalandhar District who delivered lecture Meditation & Mind Relaxation session for the three days during second week of “Student induction program-2019” for the new entrants in which he explained the freshers about yoga techniques by which they can keep their mind and body relaxed. The other prominent person was “The Memory Genius” Mr. Kunwer Rajeev, who is Associate Professor of Physics at DAV College, Jalandhar. He delivered a motivational lecture on “Mind & Memory skills”. He had certified five memory records – two in Limca Book of Records and three in India Book of Records – in his name. Recently he got his name registered with World Records India, which certified and acknowledged new World Records made in India. Mr. Rajeev shared his life experience with the engineering freshers.

Mr. Kunwer Rajeev shared with students the four important components of memory enhancement i.e. willingness, concentration, revision and practice. He also suggested making planners for repeated revision that would help in better performance in their exams. He guided students to note every activity for atleast one second so that it get memorised easily to avoid memory loss. He taught the basic of reverse counting to improve memory. All the students keenly noted down the important tips and techniques given by the expert for enhancing memory.

He offered audience to test his memory and for that many students put forth their queries which were spontaneously answered without any mistake by Mr. Kunwer Rajeev. The audience left spell bound by the live demonstrations of the memory capabilities of Mr. Kunwer Rajeev. Next keynote speakers of the Induction Program Were Dr. Pallavi Khanna, Psychologist who delivered a lecture on “Social and emotional life in college” and Mrs. Archana Sukhija & Mr. Raman Wadhwa who presented a session on “Art of Living – The Happiness Program” They introduced the program that it ignites a desire to understand oneself and learn ways to harmonize one’s inner with the revolutionary yogic breathing techniques that studies show is ‘not only therapeutic for stress and depression, but also benefit the immune system, improve brain function, and improve overall health by reducing stress and raising your energy, bringing you back to a clear and positive state of mind.

Student Induction Program-2019 was started with Havan Yajna so that the new entrants have the blessings of almighty GOD on this auspicious day.

 After havan Yajna Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET, welcomed the new entrants to DAVIET campus. He highlighted the fact that that by securing a seat in the Institution the students has taken that initial step towards achieving their goals as DAVIET is a nationally acclaimed institution of Technical education.

After the welcome speech and blessings of Principal Sir, Dr. Kanchan L. Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences welcomed the new entrants. She highlighted that DAV provides a unique blend of modern scientific knowledge with rich Vedic Arya Samaj Values.

Three week Student Induction Program-2019 scheduled from early morning till evening by different activities included lecture by Eminent personalities, parents interaction with the faculty of the Department of Applied Sciences which was followed by a visit to various labs on day one, sessions of YogaArt & craft, Human values, Informative Sessions by Various Deans for informing students about their rights and responsibilities and facilities provided to students, Lecture by Librarian on the use of access to digital library, Different Cells and clubs of the institute to introduce them and inform about the activities of the clubs, Sessions on Mind & body relaxation, Session on Universal Human values, Diagnostics Tests, Lecture by Head department of  Training and Placement on Job opportunities and Entrepreneurship followed by diagnostic test of their skills, Lecture by Director Sports on Need of fitness activities in Engineering, Lectures on pre-requisite by the students in Engineering Few glimpses:


On the last day of every week there was a tour arranged for the new entrants.

In the first week of Student Induction Program a recreational tour for the students was arranged to Jung-e-azaadi memorial situated on Jalandhar-Amritsar national highway in Kartarpur. the students came to know about the history of punjab and contribution and sacrifices made by the Punjabi community in Indian independence movement. A glimpse:

In the Second week of Student Induction Program-2019, a recreational tour to Devi Talab Mandir, Akshardham Mandir and Pingla Ghar was arranged. Devi Talab Mandir is one of the 51 Shakthi pithas in India and is devoted to Goddess Durga ji and believed to be at least 200 years old. Akshardham Mandir is located on Jalandhar-Amritsar highway (a very peaceful temple whose best thing is the architectural beauty). The most important part of the tour is visit to Pingla Ghar. It is for the exposure of students about the conditions of under privileged. Pingla Ghar is a home for the homeless, providing care to handicapped, destitute, mentally retarded and the abandoned.) The students were accompanied by Dr. Kanchan L. Singh, HOD, Applied Sciences and the faculty members of the department. Few glimpses:

In Student Induction Program-2019, the last session was scheduled for presentations by the new entrants and their feedback about the program and various information sessions arranged for the students. The session and the Induction Program concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. Kanchan L Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences and the blessings of Dr. Manoj Kumar, respected Principal. Few glimpses:

Student Induction Program Report

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