DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology started the Engineering Induction Training Program for the new entrants of B.Tech First year here today. The Induction Training aims to equip the students with the necessary skills set to perform well in the latest phase of their lives. During the program, students will be provided information regarding Research Opportunities,  Academic Initiatives, Job Scenarios, and the required skills set, Community Services Initiatives, Entrepreneurship Cell, Sports, and Culture Activities. The unique attraction was the keynote address on day one by Mr. Simerjeet Singh, an international motivational speaker, and Acharya Raju Vigyanik, an eminent Arya Samajist.

Dr. Kanchan L Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences, welcomed the new entrants. She highlighted that DAV provides a unique blend of modern scientific knowledge with rich Vedic Arya Samaj Values. Further, she added that in the modern-day world, having the technical know-how is essential, but at the same time, understanding social responsibility leading to mutual harmony is a must. She highlighted the need to remain motivated and focused during the tough times of the pandemic to bring about new dawn where everyone is safe and healthy. She also encouraged the students to give their best to follow in the footsteps of their seniors who have made stellar achievements making DAVIET a high seat of learning.

The chief attraction of the day was the keynote address by Mr. Simerjeet Singh, a motivational speaker of repute. He wanted the students to understand that they should not try to be someone else and try to be the best version of themselves. He stated that we should commit to a positive view of life every day. He also shared that the students must give their best and enter into a partnership with the institution to get the best results. He highlighted the importance of knowing one’s purpose because life is like a rudderless ship without a purpose. He also shared the need for passion and commitment toward one’s goal. He highlighted that one could succeed in life by treading on unchartered territory. He advised the freshers to keep good company because our company decides who we are. He asked the students to practice Kaizen, achieve small wins to boost self-esteem and make efforts without expecting applause. He asked the students to develop two essential skills: problem-solving and communication skills. He also asked the students to set their priorities right and become professionally responsible, and register on LinkedIn. He shared that adaptability is the buzzword that can take an individual places, and in the current Covid 19 scare, it has become the chief survival skill. He enthused the students to dream big and give their best to make learning a habit.

Another Eminent speaker Acharya Raju Vigyanik also interacted with the students and highlighted the importance of Vedas in our life. He touched upon the lives of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati and  Mahatma Hansraj to emphasize that the need of the hour is to become good human beings to transform society. He urged the students to remain sincere, humble, punctual, and value time. In a very interactive way, he touched upon various problems facing modern man today. He highlighted the problems in front of the current generation and highlighted that the solutions out to be found holistically He also highlighted that monetary success alone could not ensure happiness and prosperity in one’s life. He stressed that means should justify the ends in each of the pursuits of man.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET, welcomed the new entrants to the DAVIET campus. He highlighted that by securing a seat in the institution, the students took that initial step towards achieving their goals as DAVIET is a nationally acclaimed technical education institution. He highlighted that we are passing through unprecedented times, but DAVIET is fully prepared to tackle any exigency. He highlighted the achievements of the alumni and motivated the new entrants to follow in the footsteps of their seniors. He also shared that DAVIET is the only institution MSME recognized as a host institution. He urged the students to develop unique ideas about entrepreneurship, and the institution could help get a grant of up to 15 lakh for the project. Finally, he urged the students to give their best in every situation and be the flag bearers of DAVIET.

Day one concluded with the students and the parents interacting with the Department of Applied Sciences faculty. Other Day to Day activities are compiled in the following report :   Report