Health Centre

To provide primary health care to the faculty/staff & students, the Institute has established ‘Health Centre’ in the lower ground of the ‘Knowledge Centre’ in the campus.

The following committee has been constituted vide office circular no. DAVIET: 2016 -17/11384 dated: 07/03/2017 for the health centre to look into the hygiene and maintenance of the health centre at the Institute’s campus, messes & canteen,
psychological counseling to the students; and contribute in Planning of NSS and CSR related activities:-

  1. Dr. Parag Chopra, Medical Officer
  2. Dr. P.S. Mann, NSS Nodal Officer
  3. Mr. Satish K. Bhanot, Hostel Warden (UG Boys Hostel)
  4. Counseling Psychologist
  5. Residential Nurse – Girls Hostel
  6. Sanitation Supervisor

All minor ailments are treated at the health centre as outpatient. The health centre has one permanent experienced doctor, nursing staff, beds, stretcher, wheelchair and other requisite facilities. All the students are covered under ‘Student Medical Care Scheme’ for Cashless treatment at accredited hospitals; for major analysis they are covered under Group Health Insurance. The Institute has recognized Tagore Hospital, Jalandhar and many others for ambulance & cashless facility.

The residential nurse is available for night duty to look after emergencies in the night for the resident scholars.

The students can also avail the services of counseling psychologist twice in a week i.e. on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 PM to 4 PM. She guides/counsels the students in the matter of overcoming the problems & challenges they face in the present-day world of cut-throat competition viz. anxiety, stress, fear of change, failure to adjust to homesickness and a slew of other academic worries. She also guides them in the matters viz. how to tap their potential & achieve success, how to improve their communication skills for gaining an impactful personality etc.