Haskoning DHV Consulting Pvt. Ltd., PMC for Amritsar Smart City awarded the work of preparation of a report on condition assessment and structural integrity of 41 OHSRs of Amritsar city based on Non Destructive Testing to leading engineering institute of northern india, DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar. This report will help government to assess the condition of already available infrastructure i.e. OHSRs required to be used in project of supplying surface water rather than ground water to the residents of Amritsar city as ground water levels of in major cities of Punjab have witnessed sharp decline in recent few years.

Our worthy Principal Dr. Manoj Kumar congratulated Dr Sanjeev Naval HoD(CE) and his faculty for accomplishing the time bound consultancy project that generated a Rs. 30 lac plus revenue for the institute.

The objective of the study is to assess general in-situ strength, concrete homogeneity, corrosion risk, Carbonation depth, Cover estimation, uniformity of surface strength by performing following tests:

1) Rebound test- to evaluate the surface hardness of concrete.
2) Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)test – to measure the sound velocity of the concrete and hence the compressive strength of the concrete.
3) Core extraction and testing -for in situ strength of concrete
4) Cut And Pull Out (CAPO) Test- for in situ strength of concrete
5) Carbonation Test – to estimate depth of carbonation
6) Half-Cell Potential Survey -to detect the corrosion potential of reinforcing bars in concrete.
7) Visual inspection- for condition assessment

** Project Undertaken with Amritsar Smart City Limited.

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