AS-Video Lectures

Class / SemesterFaculty NameSubjectSubject CodeTopic DetailsLink of the Vedio Youtube/Google Classroom
2nd SemDr. Shivani VijSemiconductor PhysicsBTPH104-18Motoin of particle in 1-D Box
2nd SemDr. Bhupinder SinghChemistry-1BTCH101-18Corrosion and its prevention
2nd SemMs. Ravinder KaurEnglishBTHU-101-18Words from foreign languages and their use in English
2nd SemDr. Ashok KumarChemistry-1BTCH101-18Nucleophilis Substitution Reactions
2nd SemDr. Rajni SharmaMathematics-IIBTAM201-18D’Alemberts solution of wave equation
4th SemDr. Rajni SharmaDiscrete MathematicsBTCS401-18Graph Colouring
2nd SemDr. Payal SharmaMechanics of solidsBTPH101-18Rotational motion and Moment of inertia
2nd SemDr. Neeru SharmaMathematics-IIBTAM201-18Chi square test
2nd SemMr. Nitin KalraMathematics-IIBTAM203-18Cauchy-Riemann equations in polar form, Harmonic function and Milne-Thomson method.
2nd SemDr. Anand BajajEnglishBTHU-101-18Oral presentation: definition , stages involved in giving a good presentation
2nd SemMr. Ashwani KumarMathematics-IIBTAM202-18Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations
2nd SemDr.Sunil SachedvaMathematics-IIBTAM202-18Solution of Algebraic and transcendental equations
2nd SemDr. Amit SharmaMathematics-IIBTAM201-18t-test as a test of single population mean
2nd SemDr. Kanchan L. SinghSemiconductor PhysicsBTPH104-18Laser and Photo voltaic cell
2nd SemDr. Shivani VijSemiconductor PhysicsBTPH104-18Transition Probabilities and Fermi’s Golden Rule
2nd SemDr. Bhupinder SinghChemistry-1BTCH101-18Conformations of Alkanes
2nd SemMs. Ravinder KaurEnglishBTHU-101-18Punctuation marks
2nd SemDr. Ashok KumarChemistry-1BTCH101-18Isomerism in Coordination Compounds
4th SemDr. Rajni SharmaDiscrete MathematicsBTCS401-18Trees

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