It is difficult for industrial designers to manipulate 3D digital surfaces directly, it is challenging to maintain coherent product branding, and as the industrial design of products is distributed over a design chain, it is difficult to maintain consistent product design intent.

Our goal is to teach such computational tools that allow designers (students) to: digitally define and evolve product forms in a more natural manner, provide implicit, intuitive methods for expressing and evolving brand identity, and provide suppliers with mechanisms for overlaying industrial design intent onto subsystems.

Research efforts in the CADLAB are unified by the theme of empowering product designers through new design methods and design education.

This lab also teaches students to deal with drafting, designing and manufacturing. This lab shows its relevance that how they can use the software’s in drafting, designing and manufacturing. It enhances their knowledge and skill set to upcoming designs in the market. Various tests and analysis can be done on the machine elements for their failure etc.

Faculty In charge: – Er. Ramandeep Singh Johal

Technician: – Mr. Vikas Kumar





  1. To provide students a good environment to understand the technology know-how, testing and set-up of modern motor vehicles
  2. To provide facilities for undergraduate final projects and postgraduate research projects
  3. Understand the automobile system and sub-system by disassembly and assembly of the parts.
  4. Develop skill of safe and correct use of hand tools and measuring instruments.
  5. Develop skill of measurement of different dimensions and parameters.

R& D Projects carried out in Automobile Engineering LAB

Two Wheel drive moter bike:-

Designed and developed a two wheel drive bike or better called a 2 X 2 bike. This motorcycle is devised out of a 1985 Yamaha 350 Motorbike, using the traction of both the wheels to go on a rugged surface and uphill quiet easily. They have evolved a system using a flexible shaft which can transfer power to the front wheel at some arc

Hover craft

Biogas operated Internal combustion Engine

Faculty In charge: – Er. Ramandeep Singh Johal

Technician: – Mr. Mandeep Singh

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