Report of Expert Lecture


Title                                       : “5G Wireless Communication: Dream and Challenges”.

Expert                                   : Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra.

Date                                      : 05/10/2018

Venue                                  : Convention Hall

Organized by                     : Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

 Details of Participants  : Final and pre Final Year B. Tech. students and ECE Faculty Members.

The expert lecture was given by Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra, Professor and Head, ECE Department GNDU Regional Campus Jalandhar. He holds a vast experience in the field of wireless Engineering and Communication and holds a Doctorate degree in this field. He is continuing his research in this field by guiding various PhD. students.

                                                                                The lecture started with a welcome address and a floral welcome was accorded to the expert by Head, ECE Department Dr. Neeru Malhotra. Afterwards the expert started the lecture with an introduction to evolution of various wireless communication technologies. Then he discussed in length the need for high data rates and uninterrupted communication in future wireless communication scenario. In this context he stated the 5G wireless technology is due to be commercialized by 2020 but various challenges are still there to be overcome. Hence the dream for 5G wireless technology may not be a distant one but the road to the evolution is bumpy. Subsequently, he briefed about the various unique features of 5G Wireless Technology.

                                                In the end he answered some queries from the audience. The lecture ended with a vote of thanks to the speaker. Here are a few glimpses: