PCT to Protect Indian Inventions Globally

The Research, Innovation & consultancy cell of DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar organised ‘one day awareness workshop on Intellectual Property Rights & Patent Filing’ on February 18, 2017. This workshop has been organised to develop awareness among young research scholars and faculty members. Mr. S.K. Srihari and Mr. Anand Choubay from K & S Partners, Gurgaon were solicited to deliver thematic talks on IPR.           Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, DAVIET, welcomed the experts.

Mr. S.K. Srihari, an Electronics & Communication graduate, rendered his opinions on ‘Awareness towards Intellectual Property Rights’. He discussed various issues of trademark, IPR in academic research, procedures & policies, infringement & prosecution case studies in IPR. He threw light on IPR as a business asset. Various forms of IPR were also familiarised.  Along with, he discussed the misconceptions on IPR.

Mr. Anand Choubay, a Mechanical Engineering graduate, rendered his expert opinion on ‘Patent and Procedures’. He discussed various issues on drafting of patent & procedures and benefits of PCT & Indian patents. He stated that PCT is a tool which provides protection to Indian Patent worldwide. He also threw light on publishing and commercialization of patents.

As many as 75 participants got benefit of this workshop. Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Dean, RIC cell, Dr. Sanjay Goel and Dr. D.Priyadarshi, Conveners of the workshop extended thanks to all participants and resource persons.

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