Misinformation, rumours and disinformation about health are not new. To fight COVID-19, enabling learning from Home and Practice Social Distancing, DAVIET’s Department of Hospitality is organising a Webinar on 25th July, 2020 ; 5:00 pm onwards regarding the misconceptions of COVID – 19.
The rise of digital and social media has enabled the spread of misinformation at a speed and scale not seen before, causing what has been referred to as an “infodemic”. Misinformation about the coronavirus, COVID-19 and the pandemic in all its forms has at best created confusion, and at worst led to fear, extreme anxiety, stigma, discrimination and people taking actions that have caused themselves or others harm, and in a few cases, death. We are aware of these stories as they make headlines, but how can organisations help to challenge the spread of misinformation in a way that cuts through rather than adds to the mass of information out there, help people to engage with and trust the facts, and builds audiences’ skills so that they can identify factual accuracy for themselves and engage with information that is helpful and supportive.

This webinar will share some of the experiences and strategies being used by Dr. Balraj countering and mitigating rumour, mis- and disinformation in the context of COVID-19.

A specific focus will be laid on:-
•An overview of the rumour, mis- and disinformation challenges faced so far during the COVID-19 pandemic
•Examples of strategies for understanding and handling rumour, mis- and disinformation

Details :-
Webinar link- meet.google.com/mib-kcqx-npn
Date – 25th July 2020
Time – 5:00pm onwards