The Institute deploys the following action plans for the smooth implementation of curriculum:

Course File

  1. Day-wise teaching plan for the whole course curriculum to be covered in the semester.
  2. Planning of monthly assignments and weekly tutorial sheets to be given to the students.
  3. Study Material.
  4. Academic Calendar showing the schedule of academic support activities of the semester. Department-wise timetable is prepared well before the start of the classes and is followed throughout the semester.
  5. Curriculum is divided into three parts. After completion of each part, MSTs are conducted.
  6. Students are given assignments and tutorials as per the plan contained in the course file(s).

Outcome Based Education

  1. The programme educational objectives (PEOs), programme specific objectives (PSOs) and course outcomes (Cos) have been defined for all the programmes and courses.
  2. The mapping of vision, Mission, PEOs, POs, PSOs and course outcomes (Cos) is done.
  3. The course objectives and outcomes are designed on the basis of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  4. Seminars/Expert lectures by the faculty from other reputed institutes and industry are arranged for the students and faculty members.
  5. To provide the students with hands on experience minimum 01 industry visit per semester is made mandatory for all the students.
  6. The continuous evaluation of the students is done through 03 mid semester tests (MSTs) every semester.
  7. 20 percent of the total faculty is appointed as adjunct faculty.

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