Faculty Development Initiatives

The following faculty development initiatives have been taken by the institute:

1. 14% of the faculty has been Invited as resource persons in Workshops / Seminars/ Conferences organized by external professional agencies

2. 54% of the faculty has participated in external Workshops / Seminars / Conferences recognized by national/ international professional bodies

3. 62% of the faculty presented papers in Workshops / Seminars / Conferences conducted or recognized by professional agencies

4. Faculty members are sponsored for attending conferences abroad and within India.

5. Faculty members are granted leave with pay for Ph.D. course work and for writing Ph.D. thesis.

6. The faculty members are allowed to use the Institute’s infrastructure for their research work.

7. The consultancy fee is shared between the Institute and the concerned faculty member(s) from the revenue generated out of consultancy work.

8. Seed grant up-to Rs. 10 lakhs is provided to the faculty for the purpose of research proposals.

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