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The hospitality program  spans over a duration of 4 years. The courses provide hands on experience imparting training in both practical and theoretical aspects of the Hotel Catering and Institutional Management. A competent faculty team and guest lectures from leaders in this industry give the course its cutting edge this  enable the students to enter the Hospitality Industry with the confidence of a seasoned manager. The School has  well equipped Kitchens, a Bakery, Confectionary, Training Restaurants, , Front Office, Housekeeping, Library and Cafeteria.
To be a leader in development of professionals in the field of hospitality management.
To train and educate, at all levels, persons of outstanding abilities who can become future leaders for the hospitality industry.
To work closely and proactively with the industry to address the need of the highly skilled manpower
Identification and development of critical managerial qualities is the primary focus of faculty members. Innovative teaching methods are adopted in order to clarify concepts and hypotheses. Conventional class room lectures form the bedrock on which case studies, assignments, group projects, seminars, debates, elocution, role playing, and psycho-analysis help in further development of the student. Field work and guest lectures are applied to give critical practical orientation.
The idea behind the whole academic exercise is not to make students exam oriented but business inclined. The ability to ask questions and challenge the established norms can only come through such endeavors.

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The School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies is dedicated to impart quality higher education & training in the field of hospitality management, to prepare globally competitive managers & professionals for the international hospitality industry.

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To plan a progressive education training scheme and to impart, through training both practical and theoretical knowledge of every phase of Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management.
To set a high standard of knowledge and practice so that the status of the industry may be raised and catering popularized by offering attractive and progressive careers.
To develop a scientific attitude to management techniques and skills.
To train craftsmen for the Hotel & Catering Industry with a view to develop high standards of skills and to raise crafts to levels of technology.
To inculcate habits of courtesy, discipline and hard work in the trainees and pride in the efficient accomplishment of tasks entrusted to them.
To impart an understanding of human nature so that the manpower can be directed to the best advantage for the Industry.
To stimulate and inspire the trainee managers so that they develop an all round personality and treat learning as a ‘growth process’.
To impart, by example and education, devotion to Duty, Honesty, Integrity, Dignity of Labor and a willingness to serve others happily and cheerfully.
To provide a platform for exchanging ideas and information, to help the students establish habits of seeking knowledge as well as keeping abreast with the latest development in the field by extensive use of the library, attending seminars, discussion groups, etc.
To maintain a close liaison between teachers and students so that each student is given a full chance for development and growth.

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Students will demonstrate broad knowledge of and proficiency in the core functional and support areas of hospitality business.
Students will demonstrate specific competence in a variety of operational aspects within the hospitality industry.
Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.
Students will incorporate an understanding of ethical, social, and legal issues in reaching business-related decisions.
Students will creatively and critically apply their knowledge and technological skills in identifying and solving problems.
Students will have acquired the desire to engage in life-long learning, as demonstrated by ongoing personal and professional development.


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