Civil engineering department is fully equipped with ultra modern lab facilities which provides students an opportunity to work on latest equipments and to develop their computational abilities in analysis, design and execution of Civil engineering works.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory:

The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory in campus provide extensive facilities for research and consultancy on soil and rock properties, soil and rock mechanics, foundation engineering. State-of-the-art digitally equipped facilities  such as computerized triaxial shear test and direct shear test, SPT, Nuclear density gauge etc. are available for testing and research.


Material Testing Laboratory:

Material testing laboratory in campus provide extensive facilities for research and consultancy on various construction materials like concrete, cement, bricks, steel etc. State-of-the-art digitally equipped facilities are available for destructive and non destructive testing and research. There many apparatus and machines available at the concrete technology lab like Shmidt hammer, Ultrasonic pulse velocity test, Sieve Shaker, Compressive testing machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Heat of Hydration apparatus, Permeability apparatus etc.



Structural Analysis Laboratory:

Structural Analysis experiments help to understand, to know the practical behavior of the physical structures like beams, different arches, roof truss etc. A proper structural analysis of these structures helps the students to solve the practical problems.  Different structural apparatus like Two-Hinge Arch, Three- Hinge Arch, Simply Supported Beam, Curved Member of Different shape, Pin Joint Truss are available in the laboratory.


Transportation Engineering Laboratory:

For the design the construction of highway and airfield, it is imperative to carry out tests on construction materials for their scientific designing and economic utilization. The prime objective of the different tests in use is to know and classify the pavement material into different group depending upon their physical and strength or stability characteristics. Marshall Stability Testing machine,  ductility testing machine, penetration testing machine aggregate impact testing  machine, abrasion  testing machine, CBR testing machine are available in the laboratory.


Geomatics Laboratory:

Students understands the principles of surveying by conducting field exercises using a wide spectrum of surveying equipment ranging from traditional dumpy levels, tilting level, compass, transits, plane table and theodolites to the latest electronic auto level, digital theodolite, Total station. This laboratory covers data collection methods including surveying, profile leveling, contouring, compass traversing, laying out of curves, base line measurement and triangulation.


Fluid Mechanics Laboratory: 

knowledge of Fluid mechanics and machinery is essential for all the scientists and engineers because they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids such as in aerodynamics, force of fluid on structural surfaces, fluid transport. This fluid mechanics lab helps to understand these physical processes more closely. Various apparatus are available in the laboratory like, Verification of Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, venturi & Orifice meters, orifice & mouth piece apparatus, Flow over notches apparatus, vortex flow apparatus etc.


Strength of Materials Laboratory: 

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments. In this laboratory the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impactstrength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility etc. This laboratory have different apparatus such as Universal testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Impact testing machine, Brinell hardness testing machine, Rockwell hardness testing machine.


Computer Aided Design Laboratory: 

CAD laboratory in campus is a central facility, wherein all the students of the School (UG & PG), research scholars and faculty can work with 2-D and 3-D design and analysis packages. The users are encouraged to learn, practice and apply the knowledge gained into their research areas. Initially this facility is introduced mainly for students to evolve concepts and convert it into a complete product. It is equipped with 30 work stations loaded with softwares likeAuto-CAD, STADD-Pro and other construction management softwares.


Environmental Laboratory

Material testing laboratory in campus provide extensive facilities for research on Environmental issues related to Civil Engineering. State-of-the-art facilities are available for  research and consultancy. Graduate students working toward master’s or doctoral degrees in the Department of Civil Engineering conduct individual research in this laboratory, usually as a part of a continuing program of research conducted by faculty members.


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