Prisma: The objective of Prisma is to create a horizon where great minds meet and work together for emerging technology. It is a strong effort towards recognizing and supporting the new ideas which will revolutionize the current trends in technology. Here it intends to provide a platform for exploiting talents and aspired to create an ambience for a culture of technical development.

Events :


Competition Format and Rules:

Each team was composed of two students, and teams were allowed to use C, C++ and Java as a programming language of their choice. The problems were designed to be challenging and required a combination of problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and efficient coding. Points were awarded based on the number of problems solved and the time taken to solve them. The competition consisted of three rounds.

Round 1 was an Objective type challenge consisting of a set of 25 questions. The teams were required to complete the challenge within 30 minutes. All the questions were based on basic programming concepts. It was held in Seminar Hall.  Marks were awarded for every correct answer. There was a total of 50 teams. Out of which only 22 were selected for round 2.

Round 2 was a debugging challenge consisting of 2 problems. The teams were required to complete the challenge within 45 minutes. This round was held on HackerRank. The two problem codes were both written in C++. Judging was based on how well the code had been debugged, with emphasis on its overall functionality and efficiency. Out of the 22 teams, only 5 were selected for the third and final round.

Round 3 consisted of a problem that the teams were required to solve within a 90-minute time limit. This round was also held on HackerRank. Teams were allowed to use C, C++ and Java as their programming language. “The code submissions were evaluated based on a number of criteria, including the number of successful test cases, the performance and efficiency of the code, and the speed of the submission process.


The competition was fierce, with teams from all over the campus pushing the limits of their skills and knowledge. The results were as follows:

1ST Spam Bits Akshat Rattan Manan Behl
2ND Code Chefs Diya Sharma Dhruv Gupta
3RD Alpha Coders Maninder Singh Abhay Jassal

Notable Challenges and Highlights:

One of the highlights of the competition was the level of difficulty of the problems, which tested the limits of the teams’ abilities and pushed them to think outside the box. The teams also faced the added challenge of competing on an online platform, which required them to adapt to a new format and work together.

Lessons Learned and Future Plans:

The organizers of the competition learned a lot from this event. Some of the lessons learned include the importance of clear and consistent communication with teams and the need for robust systems and infrastructure to support online competitions. The organizers are also considering new formats and challenges to keep the competition fresh and exciting for participants.

Glimpses of the event

Coding Event by Prisma Club

  • A coding contest was organized by the Prisma Club on 9/11/2020 for students to demonstrate their coding skills and proficiency in programming.
  • The event was hosted online on Codechef which is a leading competitive programming community of programmers from across the globe.
  • The contest comprised of four questions from data structures and algorithms for which allocated time to complete was three hours.
  • The top three winners for the event were Pratik Gupta (CSE-7th sem), MadhavVerma (CSE-5th sem) and Shriya (CSE-3rd sem).


Triathon – Technical Quiz and Coding competition was organized by PRISMA Club on February 6, 2020. This event was conducted in 3 Rounds. Round-1 was a quiz round based on 20MCQ questions requiring basic technical knowledge. 16 Teams consisting of total 47 students from B.Tech (CSE, IT) BCA participated in this round, out of them 10 teams qualified for the next Round. Round-2 was conducted in lab and it was based on Coding and Programming using HackerRank.5 Teams qualified for next round. Round-3 was based on Rapid Fire with 5 questions per team to be answered with a time limit of 1.5 minutes. The winners of TRIATHON event were Prashant, Pushpdeep and Siddharthfrom B.Tech CSE4th semester. The first runners up of this event were Akhil, Ayush and Gautam from B.Tech IT 4th semester.

Following students from B. Tech CSE 6th and 4th semester are the Student Coordinators for this event:


1.Sanchit Gupta

  1. Shubham Dadhwal
  2. Pratik Gupta
  3. Rishabh Mehta
  4. Tejas Bir Singh
  5. Shivam Manchanda
  6. Riya Thaper
  7. Anshika
  8. Pardeep Jain
  9. Kritika Mittal


Technovate – Technical Quiz and Coding competition was organized by PRISMA Club on October 10, 2019. This event was conducted in 2 Rounds. Round-1 was a quiz round based on 10 MCQ questions each from aptitude and basic technical knowledge. 9 Teams consisting of total 24 students from CSE, IT, MCA participated in this round and out of them 4 teams qualified for the next Round. Round-2 comprised of further sub activities: Error Finding and Output Questions, Technical Abbreviations, Basic Programming, Technical Rapid Fire, Logo Identification for IT companies. In addition to these, bonus questions were also asked, common to all the teams.Student Coordinators for this event were from B. Tech CSE 5th semester: Shivam Manchanda, Shubham Dadhwal, Tejas Bir Singh, Pratik, Rishabh,  Shubham Kumar, Sanchit. The winners of TECHNOVATE event were Aakash and Raghav Sharma from B.Tech IT 3rd semester. The first runners up of this event were Nikhil, Sachin and Mohit Mahajan from B.Tech IT 3rd semester.


Technovanza- Online Coding competition was organized  by PRISMA club on April 16, 2019 using The participants were given two hours to solve four problem questions of intermediate to advanced difficulty. Each answer was evaluated and points were awarded according to the solution source code efficiency, accuracy and other technical parameters. Over 25 students from various branches and semesters took part in the competition. Ranking was done on the basis of points achieved.The winners of this competition were Pratik Gupta and Shivang Mahajan of B.Tech CSE 4th semester.


  TECH-TONIC Quiza non-coding event was organized by PRISMA club on Engineer’s Day 15 September, 2018. This event was conducted in 2 Rounds. Round-1 was held on 14th September,18. This round was a written MCQ’s test which was based on basic technical knowledge. 21 Teams (3 students per team) participated in this round out of them 5 teams qualified for the next Round. Round-2 was held on 15th September,18 which comprised of further 5 sub activities : Computer Basics, Abbreviations, Basic Programming, Riddles, Rapid Fire. In addition to these, 2 bonus questions were also asked, common to all the teams. The winners of this Quiz competition were Shivam Manchanda, Shubham Singh Dadhwal and Pratik Gupta of B.Tech CSE 3rd semester

An event named “Technology trends around the World and their learning paths” has been organized by Jatin Bahri,Microsoft Student Partner from B.Tech CSE 5th semester on September 20, 2017. He presented a report by Accenture on technology trends in the World, followed by “How is our Engineering Curriculum related to advancements in the world” and also introduced them with the learning resources and benefits Microsoft Corp. Students. They evaluated life cycle of C++ and Java, had live analysis of byte code generation and effect of efficient Algorithm design on Operating System.Mr. Manoj Kumar from Lally Infosys, who is a former MCITP(Microsoft Certified IT Professional) also addressed students on topics of C++ and Java . A total of 258 students from CSE and IT attended the session.


An online coding competition named “VCODE” was held on 23 August, 2017.It included three Problems: Staircase, CamelCase, Quicksort. The time given to participants was 60 minutes.



S.No Technical Event Names
1 Zend the builder
2 Recursive locks
3 Psychothon
4 Nerdy Stars
5 Tech-rittary
6 Techno Cross
7 Innerv
8 Codestorm


The students of our department organised a workshop on “Android and its Firebase” by Google Develepers Group,Jalandhar on 9/2/2017. The glimpses are:



S.No Technical Event Names
1 Daviet Coding League and chaos
2 Web Extravaganza
3 Un-Locker
4 Rev-Code
5 Techno Wizard
6 Quizzicle
7 Cr-App
8 Techno-Run
9 Code Tadka


The students of our department celebrated Engineer’s Day on 15/9/2015 and the following events have been organized

S.No Event Name Faculty Coordinator Participations Date
1 Un-Locker V1 Mr.Gursewak Singh 60 15/9/2015
2 Hack-a-Thon Mr.Gursewak Singh 80 15/9/2015
3 LAN Gaming Mr.Gursewak Singh 150 15/9/2015




S.No Technical Event Names
1 DAVIET Coding leauge
2 Trouble Shoot
3 HTML Lite
4 Algorythm
5 Swift Type
6 Techno Play


S.No Technical Event Names
1 Daviet Coding League 2014 ( DCL ’14)


2 Cryptomania


3 Do Design


4 HelloWorld (For encouraging first year students)


5 DID (Digital Image Design)


6 TechBiz


7 Swap Code


8 App Challenger(Online)


9 Hack My Network


10 MindBlend



Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a three day workshop on “Cyber forensics and Information Security” from 13th  – 15th Sept 2013.The resource person from I3indya technologies enlightened the students on the importance of cyber security including the knowledge about system hacking, phishing attack, SQL injection attack, proxy server technologies, android hacking etc. An overwhelming response of students was observed to explore the field of cyber security world and 300 students successfully completed the certified workshop gaining an immense knowledge on scope and future prospects in this field.

aDAVitya 2014

  • VEDANTA ‘a career foundation workshop series’ organized by CSE Deptt. It was a two day workshop attended by 250 students in convention hall in March. It was coordinated by 20 students. It was conducted by Rishabh Gupta (director of T.I.M.E institute) and his team.

The workshop was divided into 3 tiers:

  1. Vedic maths
  2. Resume building
  3. Group discussion basics

Participation certificates were provided to students by T.I.M.E

  • Android Workshop organized by CSE dept in march .It was three days workshop in which 172 students participated. . During the workshop students were introduced to basics of Android OS. These modules included designing effective navigation, managing audio playback, hooking up widgets such as buttons, list views, applying skins, themes, interfacing GPS, camera etc. To top it off students ended by building a sample projects. The major benefit of this workshop was to receive an education art of the building apps and games with personal one to one attention.

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