Department of Information Technology


Business Analyst

You will research and report on an existing aspect of an organization’s operation and business processes, or a new opportunity, and recommend an information technology solution.

Database Administrator

You are responsible for the creation, maintenance, support and security of an organization’s database management system. You role will include database strategy and design, monitoring and improving database performance, as well as planning for future expansion requirements.

Information Manager or Librarian

You will design, develop and manage collections of recorded material and the delivery of information services to users. Information managers may also become involved in research, technical writing, public relations, desktop publishing, database management and design, and market research.

IT Project Manager

As manager, you will oversee all facets of a project, which range from project scoping and costing, through to resourcing, development and implementation. You would be required to have a broad understanding of the IT industry, relying on resources and subordinates to perform the operational development of the project.

Network Administrator

You will install, configure, maintain and support an organization’s network environment. Your day-to-day tasks include inventory documentation, resolution of network faults, security and the allocation of server resources in ensuring optimum network performance.

Software Developer / Programmer

You will analyse and interpret specifications, technical designs and flow charts as well as build, maintain and modify code of software applications. You should also be capable of constructing technical specifications from a business functional model, as well as test and write technical documentation.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you will design, develop and implement complex software in particular systems-level software such as that found in operating systems. You may also be responsible for making the software solution to a business problem, real and functional

Systems Analyst

You will develop data and system process flow diagrams, charts and specifications to suit different systems and applications. You will also provide strategic directions for an organization’s systems architecture across a variety of operating platforms and environments.

Web Developer

You will develop software solutions specifically for web sites that include the design, implementation and support for web applications.

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