The Department of Applied Sciences is as electrified and vibrant in pursuance of its goals as it ought to be. It has and shall stand committed towards keeping the fire of erudition aglow thereby enriching all its stakeholders, prime among them being the teacher and the taught. To this intent, expert talks, extension lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops and other interactive programs feature in the academic almanac of the department in order to ensure its sanctity as the forbear of other departments of the institute. A glimpse:


The 200th Birth Anniversary of Swami Dayananda Saraswati was celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion at the DAVIET Campus. The event was marked by Havana Yajna, seeking blessings of the almighty for everyone’s well-being. The Havana Yajna added a traditional and spiritual touch to the festivities. The ceremony was performed by an experienced priest from Araya Samaj Vikram pura (Quilla).
After Havana, Dr. Sanjeev Naval, the Offg. Principal of DAVIET addressed the gathering and spoke about the relevance of Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s teachings in today’s world. Dr. Naval emphasized the need to follow the path of righteousness and lead a life based on truth, honesty, and morality. He stressed that Swami Dayananda’s teachings provide a framework for living a meaningful and purposeful life and can help us overcome the challenges and obstacles we face daily. He further added that Swami Dayananda was a great scholar, thinker, and social reformer who worked tirelessly to promote education, social equality, and religious harmony. His philosophy was based on rationalism, universalism, and humanism, and he believed in the power of knowledge and education to transform society. He urged everyone to follow the path laid out by Swami Jee.
All the students, faculty, staff members, and guests took an oath to follow the life and principles of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and stand for what is right to create a better society.
Havan yajna was attended by first year students, staff, faculty and various HODs. Dr. Kanchan L Singh, Head of the Department of Applied Sciences, welcomed everyone and highlighted the need to instill the values of discipline, hard work, and commitment in the youth and to empower them to become responsible citizens who can contribute to the development of society. The Havana Yajna was followed by the formal function.


Faculty members and students of the DAV institute of Engineering and Technology have attended hawan yajna organised on the occassion of Maha-Shivratri by Arya Samaj Vikrampura (Quilla) on March 1, 2022.

This is being organized for world welfare during this tough time of COVID 19. Faculty, Staff (Non teaching staff/ Support staff) and students were cordially invited to attend this hawan. The hawan yajna was attended by Dr. Kanchan L Singh, convener HVC DAVIET, Dr. Rajni Sharma senior assistant professor DAVIET, students of DAVIET, Mr. Ravi Sharma, Principal Inderjeet Talwar and other dignitaries.

Faculty members of the DAV institute of Engineering and Technology have participated in the ved katha organised by Arya Samaj Vikrampura (Quilla) from 30h August, 2021 to 5h September, 2021 (7:30 AM to 9:00 AM)everyday.

This is being organized for world welfare during this tough time of COVID 19.Faculty and Staff (Non teaching staff/ Support staff) were cordially invited to attend this programme on any above said dates. The hawan yajna was attended by Mr. Ravi Sharma, Principal Inderjeet Talwar, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Nitin Kalra and other dignitaries.

National Level Workshop cum Paper Presentation Competition

“National Level Workshop cum Paper Presentation Competition” through online mode, 5th June, 2021 has been organized by the Department of Applied Sciences, along with the Departments of Mechanical and Civil Engineering to Celebrating “World Environment Day”, on 5th June, 2021. The topics for this National Level Workshop cum Paper Presentation competition were as:

1) How to reduce Carbon Footprints: Need, Causes, Challenges and our Role & Responsibilities?
2) COVID 19 Pandemic: Causes, Preventions, Effects, Remedies and our Role & Responsibilities to fight against it.

Mr. S C Popli, Advisor, Business and Skill Development Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt. Ltd graced the occasion as the chief guest and keynote speaker for the event. During his address he highlighted the need of environment protection. He also added that his company Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd, has released many patented owned by the company for the benefit of the society during this pandemic time. Further he added that the new refridgent R-32, recently developed by the company has also put forward in public domain is being used by many other companies. Dr. Sudesh Yadav, Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi and Dr Balraj Gupta, MD, MACC (USA), FICA, Consultant Physician & Medical Director, Rattan Hospital, Jalandhar were the Resource Persons. The Expert talks were conducted through *Microsoft Teams* plateform. Dr. Sudesh Yadav, Associate Professor, JNU a recipient of DST young scientist award, with expertise in research in diverse areas including e-waste, pollution from thermal power plants and industries, persistent organic pollutions in human serum, the impact of GHGs on wheat and rice productivities, analytical chemistry etc presented his ideas and recent finding on the much needed methods,  to be adopted to reduce Carbon Footprints. He also highlighted the points: Need, Causes, Challenges, and our Role & Responsibilities in a detailed manner.  Dr Balraj Gupta, MD, MACC (USA), FICA, Consultant Physician & Medical Director, Rattan Hospital, Jalandhar also presented many case histories on the topic COVID 19 Pandemic: post covid Effects, Remedies and his experiences in handling COVID 19 Pandemic, Preventions strategies and Role & Responsibilities of all individuals to fight against it. He answered all the queries of the participants and suggested a lot of remedies and protocols especially related to Diabetic patients. His explanation regarding the use of insulin as the sixth level remedy impressed all the participants. The event was also witnessed by huge participation by students from different parts of India. Participants from different regions; Punjab , Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.  Out of the total entries received for each category as by the Students of Sr. Secondary Level, by Students of Under-Graduate Level and Paper Presentation by Students of Post-Graduate Level, 20 Papers were finally selected. Dr. Shivani Vij, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sciences coordinated the paper presentations by students under all three categories. Dr A. P. Singh, Former Dean (RIC) and Professor, IKGPTU, Kapurthala, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Life Coach and Mr. Aman Maini, Assistant Professor, DAVIET, Jalandhar,  judged the paper presentation. Students securing 1st, 2nd & 3rd position in each category were presented  the attractive Prizes, along with the Participation Certificates. Dr. M K Kaushik, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering proposed the Vote of Thanks. He thanked the Chief Guest, Resource Persons, organizing team members Dr. Shivani Vij, Asstt.Prof., Applied Sciences and Mr. Aman Maini, Asstt.Prof., Mechanical Engineering, respected Jury Members, Dr. Gaurav Dhuria, HoD Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Sanjeev Naval, HoD Civil Engineering, Dr. Kanchan L Singh. HoD Applied Sciences, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, DAVIET, and all the participants. Dr. Ashok Kumar, organising secretary of the event, also thanked the media persons and all those whose unconditional support made this event a grand success.


The Human Values Cell  of DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology, organized a webinar on “Contribution of Arya Samaj during COVID 19”. Dr Udyan Arya, Vedic thinker and Principal, Swami Virjanand Gurukul College, Kartarpur was the Resource Person . The aim of the webinar was to educate the faculty and students about contribution of Arya Samaj to propagate emotional and spiritual awakening to lead a balanced life during COVI-19.

 Dr Kanchan L Singh, Convener Human Values Cell  of the institute welcomed the resource person. She highlighted the fact that the current times are unprecedented and it is only by seeking inspiration from the Vedic way of life enshrined in the Arya Samaj ideals that we can lead a balanced and healthy life.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, DAVIET welcomed Dr Udyan Arya  to the webinar. He advised the participants to be an AARYA which means the best in whatever they did irrespective of their religion. He also urged them to cast aside their ego which is a major detriment in growth and progress of an individual. He shared that because of the spread of the pandemic society is at the crossroads. The modern way of life cannot safeguard us from the looming threat, so the need of the hour is to be attuned with our Vedic roots which Arya Samaj truly stands for.

Dr Udyan Arya, in his key note address shared with the audience that we need to be more humane to create a just society.  While elaborating the contribution of Arya Samaj, he stated that it stands for the Vedic ideals and has encouraged the use of “namaskar” as a universal and religious neutral greeting. Its importance has increased a lot in the current pandemic  and social distancing is the norm. He also highlighted the fact that followers of Arya Samaj are vegetarian and today the world knows the importance of turning vegetarian. He also elaborated the importance of Havna Yajna and shared that when it is done nano-particles are released which purify everything around. The key note address was followed by question answer session. In all around 150 participants in the webinar

Dr Ashok Kumar, Associate Professor, extended the Vote of Thanks and hoped that everyone gained a lot from the webinar


A spiritual lecture on the importance of Vedic life was delivered by Acharya Raju Vigyanik ji here at DAVIET campus on 6th September, 2019. The lecture series was in association with Arya Samaj Vikrampura Jalandhar  to enlighten the students about the importance of Vedas in everyone’s life.
Sh. Rajesh Premi Ji  started the spiritual proceedings with recitation of bhajans.
In the welcome address Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, DAVIET welcomed Acharya Shree Raju Vigyanik Ji to the Institution. He stressed upon the fact that DAVIET stands for providing quality technical education to its students which is in consonance with the rich Arya Samaj ideals.
Acharya Shree Raju Vigyanik Ji,   in a very interactive way, touched upon various problems facing the modern man today. He highlighted the meaning and Importance of humanity in front of the current generation and highlighted that the solutions out to be found in a holistic way. He also highlighted success alone cannot ensure happiness and prosperity in one’s life. He stressed upon the fact that means should justify the ends in every of the pursuits of man.
Principal Inderjit Talwar
highlighted the need of being connected with the Indian culture so as to progress but not at the cost of ethics. He explained the five elements which we are made up of and the science behind that. He also stressed that the true spiritual knowledge can be acheived by  understanding and following Vedas.
Dr Kanchan L. Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences and Conveneor Human Values Cell of the Institution delivered a vote of thanks to Acharya Shree Raju Vigyanik ji and all the dignitaries present there for attending the lecture.
At the end the lecture concluded with shanti paath.
The lecture was attended by Principal Ravinder Sharma, Principal Sh. Inderjit Talwar, Dr. Anoop vats, Principal, KRMDAV college,  Nakodar, Various Heads of the Departments of Institute, faculty, staff members and B. Tech. first year students.


A ‘Bhajan & Pravachan Sandhya’ programme was organised at DAVIET by Local Arya Samaaj Committee. The Guests of honour were Mahatma Chaitanya Muni ji and Mata Satya Priya Yati ji. The programme was attended by Principal Inderjeet Talwar, Mr. Ravinder Kumar Sharma and other prominent dignitaries of the city including faculty & staff members of the institution. The programme was initiated by the melodies bhajanas of Rajesh Premi ji & Mata Satya Priya Yati ji. After this Mahatma Chaitanya Muni ji enlightened the audience with his spiritual lecture. At last Dr. Manoj Kumar delivered a vote of thanks to all.


On 12 February, 2018 DAVIET Human Values Cell, organised a one day workshop cum seminar for the students and faculty of DAVIET on the topic “Reducign Stress Through Meditation”in which an expert from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre guided faculty and students that how to reduce stress with the help of meditation.

He explained that Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced.

He explained  that one can receive his Self Realization (connection with your Self) while sitting in front of computer. The only condition is sincere desire to have it. He explained the audience that during the experience you will keep your left hand with the palm upwards on your lap and place the right palm on various parts of the body on your left side, while keeping your eyes closed for the entire duration. This way you will be free of distractions and able to keep your attention inside. Taking off your shoes might also help since the Mother Earth sucks all negativity through our feet.

Now, after the end of the meditation, see if you are feeling relaxed and if your thoughts have slowed down or gradually disappeared. This is the first stage of meditation – thoughtless awareness – where you are fully alert but without any thoughts, in a state of pure and peaceful consciousness.

Now see if you can feel a sensation of a gentle cool breeze in your palms and above your head. It might be warm in the beginning which is a sign that your Kundalini energy is purifying your chakras, but it will eventually cool down. You can verify it by placing your left palm 6-12 inches above your head, then trying with the right palm.

If you are unable to feel it, you have probably not forgiven everyone. Say again from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone” a few times and check again if you feel the cool breeze above your head.

This is the beginning of a fantastic journey into your own spiritual existence. It is a door opened to a new dimension of your awareness, which you can open and explore. I f sustained through regular meditation, you will be able to feel your subtle centers (chakras) as well as the chakras of others on your fingertips, and correct them using your spiritual energy (Kundalini).

The faculty and students enjoyed the session and performed exercises explained by the expert. The seminar ended with a vote of thanks to the Sahaja Yoga team.




An MHRD sponsored National Seminar on “Scientific and Technical Terminology in Science and Technology” organized by the Department of Applied Sciences on 13-14 September, 2017. The intellectual force behind the seminar was the  Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, MHRD. The seminar aimed at promoting the use of Scientific and Technical Terminology in Hindi and other regional languages.
Mr. Varinder Kumar Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar, Prof. Lalit Awasthi, Director BR Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar and Dr. Manoj Kumar inaugurated the programme with lighting of the lamp.
Mr. S.C. L Sharma, retired Assistant Director CSTT, MHRD New Delhi, Dr. Vikramaditya Dave, Assistant professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Technology and Engineering, MPAU, Udaipur, Professor Vijay Kumar Jadon, Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chitkara University Chandigarh, Dr. Pardeep Goyal, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Government Engineering College Ajmer, Dr. M.M Sharma, Executive Director, NIELIT and Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET were the Resource Persons  for the two day national seminar.
Seminar was attended by Dr. Sonia Chawla, Dean Academics and Head Department of Business Administration, Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Dean RIC and Head Department of Electrical Engineering, Mr. Gaurav Dhuria, Head Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Parveen kakkar Head Department of Computer Application, participants from various institutions and Faculty of the institute.

Hawana Yajna during weekly congregation at Arya Samaj, Vikrampura

1504021925782DAVIET Human Value Cell, organized a Hawana Yajna during weekly congregation at Arya Samaj, Vikrampura, Jalandhar on 28th August, 2017. The Hawana Yajna stands as an epitome of the Institution’s commitment  to provide quality education in consonance with the rich Arya Samaj ideals.  Sh. Ravinder K Sharma, Secretary, Arya Samaj Pratinidhi Sabha blessed all the participants and stated that DAV movement stands for empowering entire masses by providing them quality education along with the insights about the rich Indian culture which has its basis in arya samaj ideals. He highlighted that hawan provides us a chance to intrespect and be a better human being.
Dr. Rekha Kalia Bhardwaj, in her address stated that Vedic Mantras purify the soul and the sorroundings .  She also highlighted how Vedic Mantras have scientific basis and are helpful in improving the conscience of the people.
 Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, DAVIET, stated that the time is ripe when we should explore the vedic knowledge and develop technology which user and economic friendly .  He reiterated the fact that students should remain in touch with the rich Arya Samaj ideals  and strive to make a more humane and just society.
Hawana yajna was attended by Dr. Anil Soni, Dr. K L Singh, Dr. Rajni Sharma, Mr. Sunil Sachdeva, Dr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Om Parkash, Mr. Satish Bhanot, hostel wardens of the institute, various teaching and non teaching staff members and the students of the institute.



DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar organized a Workshop on “Energy Efficient Technologies” for its faculty and students today i.e. April 18, 2017. The workshop was conducted by an unconventional innovator Mr. T.J. David, Director-Technology Park, IASE Deemed University, Sardarshahr, Rajasthan and the same proved to be a great success for the stakeholders of the Institute. Importantly, Mr. David is an authority for inventing cost effective energy efficient technologies that are best suited to the requirements of the Indian society viz. re-usable electric lamps, pedal powered dry/wet grinder, rural geyser & vegetable storage, geyser with light, scooter driven power generator, scooter driven air compressor, fan motors, water and power saving air coolers, power generation with human effort, pedal powered harvester, electric bicycle to name a few. He has been working for the last 34 years on his own and thus developed various new technologies in the areas of domestic equipment, farming machines, industrials machineries, advanced robotics, 50 amazing modern industrial applications to run village industries by harnessing drought animal power, solar power implements, and defense related items. He familiarized the students with the importance of developing low cost mechanized communities in India and highlighted that the working plants consume less energy than the conventional machines as they recycle water. The expert highlighted that it is initially important to have an intimate understanding of most of the domestic appliances both electrical and mechanical in nature, as well as industrial, agricultural, machineries so as to decode the design and development, observation and studies of modern implements and their working methods, power consumption levels, adopted technical methods etc. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, DAVIET expressed his gratitude to Mr. David for his enlightening session on one of the most important areas in the present times. He also congratulated Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Dean (RIC) and Dr. Kanchan L. Singh, HoD (Applied Science) for inviting the innovator to the Institute.  The session proved to be grand success and motivated the young DAVIETians to explore potent possibilities in the field of energy conservation and to reach out to the remote places of the country for spreading technology awareness in the length and breadth of the country.



1493982166665The Department of Applied Sciences organized a two-day DST-SERB sponsored National Conference on “Recent Advances in Numerical Analysis & Computational Techniques” on 28-29 March, 2017. The conference was aimed to stimulate collaboration between active researchers, educators, mathematicians and engineers so as to exchange innovative research ideas and to promote issues related to latest trends & the potent futuristic developments in Mathematics vis-à-vis their interdisciplinary scope/ambit. The conference hosted an array of paper presentations and expert talks on the vital research issues i.e. construction, usage and behavioral analysis of various computational techniques. The prominent experts who graced the conference include Dr. R C Mittal (IIT, Roorkee), Dr. Kapil Kumar Sharma (South-Asian University, Delhi), Dr. J R Sharma (SLIET, Longowal), Dr. P L Sharma, Himanchal Pradesh University, Shimla to mention a few only.

Dr. Rajni Sharma, Convener of the conference welcomed the distinguished personalities and scholars for gracing the conference with their benign presence. She laid special emphasis on the need to undertake some serious work in the field of Numerical Analysis & Computational Techniques. She also apprised the dignitaries that the conference had received an overwhelming response as more than 90 delegates participated in the conference from the length and breadth of the country.

Dr. Satish Sharma, Director (Colleges), DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi remained the worthy chief guest during the inaugural session of the conference and he     congratulated the whole organizing team for successfully hosting this conference. He motivated the faculty to organize more of such conferences/workshops in future as well.

Dr. Kanchan L. Singh, Head, Department of Applied Sciences highlighted that the overall goal of the field of ‘numerical analysis’ is the design and analysis of techniques to give approximate but accurate solutions to hard problems. She laid special emphasis on the quality of synthesis of numerical analysis and computational techniques so as to carve an effective inter-disciplinary roadmap to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal of the Institute expressed his gratitude towards the chief guest and other dignitaries for sparing their valuable time to grace the occasion. He stated that DAVIET is ever committed to the cause of facilitating research especially of inter/multi-disciplinary nature. Under this context, the confluence of numerical analysis and computational techniques is the one of the most apt forums to promote inter/multi-disciplinary research. He further highlighted that knowledge disciplines must create polyphony so as to address the larger concerns of this digital century. Hence, interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary investigations hold the key to most of the challenges of the contemporary world.



13415443_1033142056765592_5662650713448462655_oDr. Suprakas Sinha Ray, world renowned Nano Technologist from South Africa was here  to deliberate on Faculty Exchange Program between Nano Technology Innovation Centre Pretoria, South Africa and DAVIET Jalandhar. He also delivered an expert talk on “ Research Initiatives in Nano Science and Nano Technology at CSIR, South Africa.”

Dr. Kanchan L. Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences welcomed Dr. Sinha to the campus and stated that through the interaction faculty of DAVIET can gain knowledge from his vast experience.

Dr. Suprakas Sinha Ray, stated that Faculty Exchange Program was an important initiative to promote quality research across a wide variety of areas. He also stated that the host Institution in South Africa will support the faculty during their stay so that in depth knowledge can be absorbed. In his expert talk on “Research Initiatives in Nano Science and Nano Technology at CSIR, South Africa” he highlighted the need to have a multidisciplinary approach to tackle current multifaceted problems that we are encountering these days. While talking about the Research Domains at CSIR, South Africa, he shared that opportunities in the field of Fabrication of Gas Sensors, Polymer Nano Composites and Polymer Nanocomposites and Nano Additives Scale up Facility are abundant. He also touched upon the area of industrialization of Nano Science and Technology and the need of integration of works of scientist and engineer to produce quality product for the market.

Dr. Manoj Kumar in his address stated that through the Faculty Exchange Program, the Faculty of DAVIET will gain invaluable experience and can set up an advanced Nano Technology Centre in the Institution. He stated that in the Institution, students have reached stage one of doing Research but the stages of integration and manufacturing are yet to be achieved. He showed his confidence that with the support of Dr. Suprakas Sinha Ray, researchers and students at DAVIET will be able to integrate their research so as to acquire the competence to manufacture goods at Industrial scale.

The expert talk was attended by Dr. Kanchan L Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences, Dr. Sanjeev Naval, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, DR. Sudhiir Sharma, Head Department of Electrical Engineering, Ms. Harpreet Kaur, Head, Department of Computer Science Engineering Department, Mr. Gaurav Dhuria, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ashok Kumar and other faculty members



A three day workshop on human values and professional ethics was organised by human values cell of the institute in association with IKG PTU Kapurthala, at DAVIET campus from May 23-25, 2016. The facilitator of the workshop was Mr. Jatindra Narula. Principal Dr. Manoj Kumar congratulated the participants on successfully attending the workshop and stated that active involvement of teachers and students with community is a must. He encouraged the human values cell of the institute to further extend their field of work. Over the course of three days the facilitator touched upon the motions of self exploration , natural acceptance, trust , love and respect. He encouraged a dialogue on all issues and tried to give solutions to the practical problems. Dr. Kanchan L. Singh Head, department of applied sciences and convener of Human values cell of DAVIET, Dr.  Ashok Kumar, Dr. Sonia Chawla along with other faculty members were also present during valedictory session of  the workshop.


DAVIET organised a two days 3rd DAV National Congress on Science, Technology, Engineering, Humanities & Management (STEHM – 2016 ). Faculty from various prestigious institutes from all over the nation attended the event and shared their thoughts and ideas by presenting research papers. Around 14 full length papers and 34 Abstracts & Posters were submitted and presented  in different branches of sciences in Physical Sciences track (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and 32 full length submissions were there in Humanities track.



The Department of Applied Sciences organized a seminar on “Opportunities in Material Sciences and Nanotechnology” on 20th February, 2016. The seminar aimed at sensitizing the faculty members from different branches of Engineering and Sciences  about the emerging field of nano technology. The resource person of the day was Prof. (Dr) Ravi Kumar, Director, BCET, Gurdaspur. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal, Dr. Kanchan Lata Singh, HOD Applied Sciences and the HODs of other Departments welcomed the key note speaker to the campus. He stated that nanotechnology has affected all the fields of human endeavour. He stated that Nano-Technology is an interdisciplinary field and is useful from textile to automotive industry.


DAV National Congress 2014



An FDP titled “Innovation and Futristic trends in Advanced Manufacturing and Nano Technology” was organized by Department on 7-11 July, 2014 including four day lecture series and on last day a visit to Sardar Swarn Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy Resources, Kapurthala. Dr. Y. K.Yadav, Director Sardar Swarn Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy Resources, Kapurthala was the cheif guest for the inaugural ceremony of the programme.


DST Sponsored FDP on “Numerical and Computational Techniques in Engineering “

DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar under the aegis of Department of Applied Sciences organized seven days, DST sponsored, Faculty Development Programme on “Numerical and Computational Techniques in Engineering”. The Faculty Development Programme was inaugurated by Dr. R. K. Kohli, Vice Chancellor, DAV University, Jalandhar. Principal Dr. A.L. Sangal extended heartiest welcome to the Chief-Guest, Delegates, Resource Persons and participants, who have come from all parts of the country. He said Numerical and Computational Techniques are one of the newest and most significant developments in the present scientific world with its wide-ranging applications in engineering. He congratulated the Department of Applied Sciences for this brave initiative. Keynote speakers for the programme were Dr. Joydip Dhar, Associate Professor, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior, Dr. R.C. Mittal, Head, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Dr. J.N. Sharma, Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, Dr. S.K. Tomar, Head, Department of Mathematics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr. J.R. Sharma, Dr. R.K. Guha, Department of Mathematics, SLIET, Longowal.


National Conference Organized on 30-31 May, 2013

A National Conference titled “Physical Sciences : Advances, Challenges And Sustainable Futurstic Trends” was held under the umbrella of NCST-2013 on 30-31 May, 2013

Expert Lecture Organized on March 22 2013

An Expert lecture was organized on “Thin Film and Nanotechnology” on March 22nd 2013 by Prof. R. Thangaraj from GNDU, Amritsar


A two-day National Workshop on ‘Applications of Mathematical Modeling‘ was organised by the Department of Applied Sciences of DAVIET. The resource persons on the concluding day were Dr Sunita Gakkhar, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Dr J N Sharma, Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, and Dr Rangan K Guha, Department of Mathematics, SLIET, Longowal, Dr. Joydip Dhar, ABV-Indian Institute of Inf. Tech. & Management, Gwalior, Dr. Peeyush Chandra, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.



(A joint Initiative of Deptt. of Applied Sciences & Centre for Nanotechnology)


Taking its commitment towards excellence in the sphere of scientific and technological pedagogy to newer heights, the Centre of Nanotechnology at DAVIET Jalandhar came up with yet another educational marvel in the form of a One Day Workshop on Nanotechnology titled “Recent Advances and futuristic trends in

Nanotechnology”. The intellectual exercise was executed by the Centre for  Nanotechnology under the aegis of Department of Applied Sciences, DAVIET, Jalandhar in collaboration with PTU, Jalandhar. Professor A. P. Singh, Dean Research, Innovation and Consultancy, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar was the chief guest on the occasion. The workshop was also graced by the dynamic presence of Professor S. S. Sekhon, GNDU, Amritsar, Professor B R, Mehta, IIT, New Delhi as Resource persons, Professor C.L. Kochher, Regional Director, Engg. Colleges, DAVCMC New Delhi and Professor A. L. Sangal, Principal, DAVIET Jalandhar

Professor A. P. Singh, in his address, highlighted the importance of Nanotechnology in the present times while patting the backs of the DAVIET faculty members for realizing this significance and giving it such a wonderful vent. Professor A. L. Sangal, too echoed the same sentiments while emphasizing the significance of Nanotechnology at present. He cited the application of Nanotechnology in all the current developments in the field of science and technology through the evolution of storage devices in softwares starting from a Floppy to Disk and finally to the Pen Drives. Professor Sangal said special emphasis on the need of Nanotechnology information and application for the future technocrats. Professor S. S. Sekhon, an MRSI awardee and an accomplished researcher with more than hundred published research papers in high impact factor journals, in his orientation address spoke about the carbon Nanotechnology especially its functionalisation.

Professor Mehta, also an MRSI awardee and consummate researcher highlighted the importance Nanotechnology holds for the contemporary scientific and technological fields, Professor C.L. Kochher, at the valediction, too expressed his pleasure at the initiative taken by the DAVIET faculty of Nanotechnology and assured full support in such undertakings in the future.

De SC Ahuja, Head of the Department, Applied Sciences presented the vote of thanks. Dr Kanchan L. Singh, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Rupesh Kumar, Dr Ashok Kumar, Ms. Payal Sharma Ms. Shivani vij of the Department were also present bearing witness to such a fruitful day. The event was great success as 250 students from nook and crannies of the country viz. Amrita University, Pune, Arni University, NIT Jalandhar, Kangra etc. were present to derive inputs from the workshop.



A workshop on Critical Pedagogy: Critical Language Awareness was organized by the Department of Applied Sciences in the Seminar Hall of the Institute on February 13, 2012. The Resource Person for the workshop was Dr. Rajneesh Arora, Associate Professor & Head, Lucknow campus of The English and Foreign Languages University (formerly CIEFL), Hyderabad. Prof C L Kochher, Regional Director (Engineering Colleges), DAVCMC and Dr. A. L Sangal, Principal DAVIET graced the occasion by their benign presence. Dr. S. C. Ahuja, Head Deptt. of Applied Sciences, Mr. Narinder Sharma, Convenor of the workshop, Dr. Kanchan L. Singh, Mr. Anand Bajaj, Dr. Rohit Phutela also attended the workshop.

            Speaking on the occasion Prof. C.L Kochher, Regional Director (Engineering Colleges), DAVCMC stated that such a workshop stands for the commitment of DAVIET to provide their students the much needed exposure in the latest fields of soft skills. He emphasized the fact that in Punjab the budding technocrats have a sound theoretical base but they find it tough to express themselves properly in the absence of good soft skills. He motivated the students to make the best of the opportunity by being inquisitive about all the components of Communication Skills and Soft Skills

            Dr. A.L Sangal, principal, DAVIET welcomed the resource person and stated that he is the most befitting person to interact with the students. While highlighting the importance of Soft Skills in the life of an engineer he stated that according to a recent survey done by Microsoft India, more than 50% of projects fail not because of lack of technical knowledge but due to lack of soft skills. He further highlighted the fact that in the modern day corporate world an individual needs to have good command over the language but at the same time he should be a good team player and should have the ability to take every one along with him.
Dr. S.C Ahuja, Head Department of Applied Sciences, welcomed the resource person Dr. Rajneesh Arora, Prof C.L Kochher Regional Director (Engineering Colleges) DAVCMC and Dr. A. L. Sangal, Principal DAVIET in his introduction to the theme of workshop Dr. Rajneesh Arora, stated that in the modern day times, there has been a shift in the teaching  methodology from the Structuralised Approach to the Communicative Approach. He highlighted the fact the need of the hour is to focus on Critical Language Awareness, Critical Reading Skills and Critical Writing Skills. After the inauguration there were interactive sessions for better understanding of the concepts. The workshop ended with the distribution of certificates to the participants.



The Department of Applied Sciences organized a seminar on the topic “Communication & Soft Skills- The Emerging Paradigms” on September 6, 2010. The Chief guest for the seminar were IAS Priyaank Bharti, Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar and Dr. Gurupdesh Singh, GNDU Amritsar. Dr. A. S. Arora, Principal DAVIET and Dr. S. C. Ahuja, HOD Applied Sciences gave a floral welcome to both of them thanked them for their arrival. IAS Priyaank Bharti encouraged and motivated the students in his address and inspired that students must work hard to achieve their goals. More than 70 delegates from the different corners of the country took part in the seminar. Dr. A S Arora congratulaed Dr. S. C. Ahuja for the success of this seminar.

Such academically inspiring events are the life-blood of any educational hub and the Department of Applied Sciences at DAVIET being the prime among other faculties has held the driver’s seat gravitating towards the realization of the institute’s aspirations.

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