Student Consortium & Club Activities

‘Karaoke Fun Event’

The event  was conducted under two broad categories viz. Solo and Group Singing. The  students of almost  all the departments of the institute had participated in both the categories. The participants were judged by the experienced personal namely, Ms. Jasdeep  Kaur (AP,MCA& Cultural officer), Mr. Baljit Singh (AP, EE), Ms. Sonali Talwar (AP,CSE), Mr. Gursewak Singh (AP, CSE).

Karan (CE) and Rekha (MBA) secured first and runner up postions respectively in Solo category.Devika and Rekha from MBA secured 1stposition and Ansh & Biren from CSE  secured second position in group category.

The event was successfully organized by the students of Electrical Engg.5th sem.(3rd year) under the guidance of Mr. Rajesh Wadhwa (Assistant professor,ECE) with the blessings of Dr. Sudhir Sharma (HOD,EE).The faculty and staff of Electrical Engg. had given their best for the success of this event.

Super Six Cricket Tournament at DAVIET, Jalandhar

SUPER SIX CRICKET is a team sport for two teams of six players each. A SUPERSIX TOURNAMENT of cricket is played in institute playground for two days between number of teams of various departments. It is played with the tennis ball for limited number of six overs.The cricket tournament is organized by Electrical Engineering Department on 4th and 5th of October, 2018. There is a good contest between various teams of the institute. Almost all teams played for almost six over’s in their individual innings andmanaged to score good scores, while the opposing team attempted to win the game by scoring more runs.

The studentsof Electrical Engineering Department who had organized the tournament are Mr.Abhishek Kalia, , Rahul Chaudhary, Rahul Gupta, , Rahelu Harpreet Singh, Aamir, Rahul Sharma, and Navneet.

The order in which the teams played the tournament is as follows. Two groups (A & B) are formed. Group A consists teams of EE, CSE, ME, BBA, BCA department while group B consists teams of ECE, CE, M. Tech (EE, CSE & CE), MBA, MCA in which students of different semesters played the matches within their individual groups. The 14 matches are played between the 28 teams on first day. On the second day 11 matches were played between 22 teams.

Finally two teams qualified for the finals are EE final year and ECE 3rd year. Batting first EE team managed to score 41 runs in six overs on board which is scored by ECE team in 4.5 overs and win the contest.

Almost all the students of college and faculty members of various departments enjoyed the tournament by watching the contest between bat & ball. In the presentation ceremony Dr. Sudhir Sharma (HOD, EE), Mr. Jaswinder Singh Dhillon (President, Sports) and Mr. Inderdeep Singh (AP, EE).

Role Play on:                   

      i) System Protection ii) Working of Alternator

Role-play is a technique that allows students to explore realistic situations by interacting with other people in a managed way in order to develop experience and trial different strategies in a supported environment. It is a very flexible teaching approach because it requires no special tools, technology or environments. The students of 7th semester, Electrical Engineering organized role playson 27th September, 2018 for B.Tech. Electrical Engineering 5th and 7th semester students in a seminal hall. Dr.Sudhir Sharma (HoD – EE), Dr.ChintuRza (AP), Mr. Baljit Singh (AP), Mr. Mani Bansal (AP), Mr, Rahul Sharma (AP), Mr. Inderdeep Singh (AP) were present at the  event. Topics for role play were i) System protection and ii) Working of alternator.The basic idea of “System protection” was to show how different types of protective schemes like relays, fuse, circuit breaker etc. are used for protection and also the role of an electrical engineer in clearing the fault. Similarly the basic idea of “Working of alternator” was to show how different parts of alternator like stator, rotor, exciter, prime mover etc., worked together to generate output and also to show the precautionary measures when there is fault in transformer. At the end, Dr. Sudhir Sharma (Head – EE) encouraged all the participants with his kind words. He appreciated the efforts done by the department of Electrical Engineering and motivated the students to participate more in future.

Role Play: “System Protection”

Participants name: Akshada Raju (Cable), Amrinder Singh (ELCB), Jasreet Kaur Saini (ACB), Manjot Kaur (Lightening thunder), Prashant Kumar Mishra (BMR), Reetendra Singh (Service Engineer), Ritika Sharma (REM), Saumya Bhatnagar (Anchor), Shweta (MCOMP), Kartikey Chauhan (SFU), Aayush Mishra (Multimeter) and Gagan Jindal (Fuse). Here are a few glimpses:

 Role Play: “Working of alternator”

Participants name: Harish (Rotor), Ketan Singh (Stator), Prashant Kumar Mishra (Load), Sunil Agrahari (Excitor), Sunil Kumar (Energyman), Tej Prakash (Transformer), Shubham Bhandari (Service Engineer), and Abhishek (Prime Mover).

The Department of Electrical Engineering is organizing a virtual quiz competition under the club ‘TECH ELECTRA’ on 09.02.2018 for the students of B. Tech (1st, 2nd and 3rd year) in the Institute. The prelims for the same will be conducted in R-21 of the Institute.

C3E (Consortium Of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

In collaboration with Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the department has formed a club named C3E. The club organizes different events for the student that helps them to increase their aptitude level along with the Technical Knowledge.

The various events organized by students are:

  • Expert Talks
  • Paper Presentation
  • Search Engine
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Ad-Mad Show
  • Lan Gaming
  • Technical Quiz
  • Technical Debates

Tech Electra

The student club named Tech Electra has been formed with mission to enhance the communication skills & developing leadership capabilities. The various events organized by students are:

  • Mock Placement Drive
  • Mock Interviews
  • Poetry Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Role Play
  • Karaoke
  • Quiz
  • Debate

Sports Club

The sports club of the department has organized many sports activities in collaboration with other departments. Various inter-departmental tournaments have been organized to encourage the students towards their physical fitness, strong mental abilities, leadership qualities and sportsmanship.

The various tournaments organized are:

  • Inter-departmental Football Tournament
  • Inter-departmental Volleyball Tournament
  • Inter-departmental Basketball Tournament

Activities Planned in Current Semester:

  • Role Play
  • Group Discussion
  • Karaoke
  • Interdepartmental Football Tournament
  • Mock Parliament Drills
  • Quiz
  • Debate
  • Extempore

GLIMPES of Activities:

footballNational Tech Fest

A national level technical festival was organized by our college. Various technical & non technical events were organized by students of department in the fest for the overall development of the participants. These events were organized by the various departments of the institute. The Electrical Engineering Department organized 15 technical events which were organized by the organizers along with the guidance of faculty members. All the technical events grabbed huge amount of success as the sense of development clearly shown amongst the participants. A healthy participation was observed in almost all the events conducted at the technical festival.

The various Technical & Non-Technical Events organized by department are:

  • Circuit Mania
  • Electro Mania
  • Electro Buzzer
  • Hit Bet and Get
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Check and Win
  • Mock Placement Drive
  • Mock Parliament Drill

Student Activities

Haux Placement Cell came into existence with an endeavor to inform the students of DAVIET, Jalandhar about the placement drives carried out by various companies. The placement drive contains three rounds. The aptitude test G. D’s and personal interview. The cell aims to fine tune the skills of the students so as to prepare them for the future. In its first event itself 700 students offered for the test. Out of these 100 students cracked the exam successfully. These students appeared for the group discussion and finally 10 students were declared winners. Winners were awarded pen drives as prizes.

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